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Valve assembly and testing;
product packaging

  Oxygen Cleaning
  Precision Cleaning
  Oxygen Cleaning
  Valve Assembly and Testing; Product Packaging


Good cleanroom protocols are strictly followed by experienced technicians during the assembly of all types of valves.



Parts that have been cleaned and inspected are stored in cleanliness-verified containers or bagged to prevent contamination prior to valve reassembly and product packaging.

Valve assembly

(if required)

MOMENTUM Services offers in-house valve experts to assemble your valves. During valve assembly, only sealants and lubricants that meet the requirements for service (such as oxygen cleaning or other critical services) are minimally applied and not introduced into the flow path. Alternatively, you can provide your technicians to assemble your equipment.

Pressure & emissions testing

(if required)

Valve testing is performed after cleaning and assembly on isolation and control valves for external leakage per ISO 15848-2 and customer specifications. Clean dry nitrogen or helium are filtered to 2µm at the point of use and a leak-detecting solution is used to shell test and seat leak test the valve in both directions, if appropriate.


All packaging or sealing materials that come into contact with the clean parts or equipment have a certified level of equivalent cleanliness. Smaller components are contained in heat-sealable clean bagging materal, while larger valves are wrappped volatile corrosion inhibitor film—typical materials suitable for oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and hydraulic service. Special attention is given to irregular-shaped or sensitive areas such as threaded connections, flange faces or openings leading to inner surfaces. All packages are purged with clean, dry, oil-free nitrogen before final heat sealing.