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Oxygen cleaning services

  Oxygen Cleaning
  Precision Cleaning
  Oxygen Cleaning
  Valve Assembly and Testing; Product Packaging


All parts are precision cleaned up to ISO 5, Class 100.



Having impurities in an oxygen-enriched system—especially hydrocarbons—can cause unacceptable product purity issues or present a dangerous combustion hazard. It is critical to properly clean parts for oxygen systems (O2) in a cleanroom to eliminate the potential for such issues.

Our stringent cleanroom processes for oxygen cleaning will effectively prepare parts for an oxygen-enriched environment. Verifiable absence is determined through the use of qualitative and quantitative cleanliness measurement techniques. Calibrated white light and UV light support visual verification of cleanliness. For quantitative verification (e.g., to IEST-STD-CC1246E levels), the valve or part is flushed with a solvent and the solvent is then analyzed by our in-house laboratory to confirm the level of cleanliness. Each oxygen cleaned item is packaged, labeled and fully documented in preparation for shipment.

Important compliance

All oxygen cleaning processes, such as steam / hot water cleaning, caustic or acid cleaning, chemical cleaning—as well as use of oxidizing agents and aqueous or organic solvents—are in accordance with both the original manufacturer's mandated uses, as well as cleanroom industry standards.